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One of the best ways to have diet food delivered. Not only does this diet meal plan tell you the best food items that should be on your platter, but they also get the diet meal delivered to you. They have done their research and came up with special meal plans that help the clients to lose weight and also maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Medifast, is one of the best ways to have diet food delivered. Not only does this diet meal plan tell you the best food items that should be on your platter, but they also get the diet meal delivered to you. They have done their research and came up with special meal plans that help the clients to lose weight and also maintain a healthy lifestyle. What better way to get fresh food every day, without having to take out time from your busy schedule? The Company has been on the scene for 27 years as of now. They have stood the test of time, and there is only on reason for that, the diet meals they deliver work! Just check out the Medifast reviews at the bottom of the page. About $11 a day is needed to enjoy healthy meals.

If you’re tired of diet plans that ultimately fail, it’s probably time to try something a little different. In this Medifast diet review, we’ll take an in-depth look at this wildly successful and popular weight loss plan. Before delving into specifics about the program, it should be noted that this plan distinguishes itself in a number of important ways:

  • Unlike many diets, these plans are designed by a physician and was originally developed to help patients lose weight prior to surgery. In other words, it’s not a fad diet.
  • Currently, more than 20,000 doctors and physicians recommend the plan to their patients. It is considered to be a safe and effective way to lose weight.
  • There is no counting involved in the weight loss plan, so you can set aside the calculator. Other than one daily Lean and Green meal, everything is already portioned out for you.
  • No guesswork is involved in this diet plan. You will know what to expect right from the start.
  • While the diet involves cutting calories and carbs, it doesn’t make you feel deprived. You won’t spend your time on the plan feeling famished.
  • The daily cost of this plan is less than the typical daily cost of an average adult’s meals. You’ll spend less to lose weight on this plan.
  • Extremely valuable coupon codes and Medifast coupons are available. By putting them to use, you can get started for even less money.
  • This program is backed up by a comprehensive guarantee.
  • In the following diet review, you’ll learn more about how the plan works, what it costs, what’s included and much more. Customer testimonials are also provided for your convenience. Unlike many other reviews, this review covers every last aspect of this unique diet plan.

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    The diet has been clinically proven to be safe and effective, Click Here to Try!

    Company Background

    Before committing your time, energy and money to a new diet plan, you’d probably like to learn more about its background. In the case of the Medifast plan, it was developed by a Johns Hopkins University physician named Dr. William Vitale. Vitale came up with the plan to help patients lose weight prior to surgery. Excessive weight can pose serious risks during many types of surgery, and Vitale needed a reliable way to help his patients lose extra pounds before their operations. The plan today still bears a great deal of resemblance to the original plan that was developed by Vitale.

    Vitale’s diet plan worked so well that he decided to make it available to more patients. It didn’t take long for the plan to be adopted by physicians around the country. After a while, it became apparent that the plan could provide benefits to everyday people as well. This diet has become one of the most popular and longest running plans in the world. Patients appreciate it because it has been proven to be safe and effective in a wide range of medical studies.

    Diet Meal Product Summary

    The backbone of the weight loss plan is the 5 & 1 Plan, so it makes sense to take a look at it first. The premise behind the plan is simple, and the name says it all. Every day, you are allotted five prepackaged meals. You are also allowed to enjoy one Lean & Green Meal. The very fact that you are given six meals per day should pique your interest. After all, how can you feel deprived when you are allowed to enjoy six separate meals per day? To understand what the five prepackaged meals and one Lean & Green Meal entail, check out the information below.

    Five Prepackaged Meals – The first thing you should be aware of is that the five prepackaged meals aren’t microwavable. Some of them are ready to eat right out of the box, and others just need to be mixed with a little water. These meals fall into a wide range of different categories that include things like brownies, oatmeal, eggs, shakes, bars, pudding, drinks and much more. There are currently more than 80 meal options available, so there’s no worry of growing bored on this variety plan. Additional details about choosing the right meals are included in a later section of this review.

    A few additional facts about these prepackaged meals include:

  • They are interchangeable. With a few minor exceptions, you can enjoy any one of the meals that you order through your plan. The order in which you enjoy them is entirely up to you. You can follow the same pattern every day, or you can mix things up from one day to the next.
  • They are individually portioned. You don’t have to worry about weighing things or divvying up anything.
  • They are calorie- and carbohydrate-controlled. All of the counting has been done for you. All you have to do is eat them.
  • They are low in fat.
  • Every meal includes an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and protein.
  • One Lean & Green Meal – In addition to enjoying five prepackaged meals per day, you are permitted a single Lean & Green Meal. This meal is made up of two basic components: a form of lean protein and low-carb, non-starchy vegetables. A helpful breakdown is included in the Quick Start Guide which is available on the main website. Proteins are broken down into categories that have specific portions. You are allowed five ounces of lean protein, six ounces of leaner protein and seven ounces of leanest protein. Proteins that are on the list include shellfish, ground meat, fish, game meat and several meatless options.

    The total amount of greens that you are allowed depends on the level of carbohydrates that are found in them. Once again, the Quick Start Guide provides handy guidelines about the types of veggies that you can enjoy. You can enjoy up to one cup of low-carb veggies, while you are typically allotted half-cup portions of vegetables that contain higher levels of carbs. Keep in mind that you are allowed three servings of low-carb vegetables. The choice is up to you whether to enjoy a single type of vegetable or two or three different types of vegetables.

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    The diet has been clinically proven to be safe and effective, Click Here to Try!

    $$$Pricing $$$

    It’s easy to assume that a diet plan that includes prepackaged meals that are shipped to your door will be exorbitantly expensive, but that’s not the case with this healthy meal plan. One especially refreshing this about the plan is that it includes upfront, easy-to-understanding pricing. You don’t have to worry about fluctuating costs at all. Packages are sold in two- and four-week increments, and flat-rate pricing is offered at all levels.

    Pricing for the various different options is listed right on the website. For example, the two-week package for women currently costs $162.50, which equals less than $12 per day. The four-week package for women costs $341.5, which costs closer to $11 per day. If you think that sounds pricey, you should break down how much you’re currently spending on food. Odds are high that you are actually spending a lot more than that per day. The fact that the food is delivered right to your door and is ready to eat should also be taken into consideration.

    Variety of Packages

    Lose up to 2-5 lbs per Week!
    The Medifast weight loss plan is not designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution. After all, different people have different dietary and caloric requirements. One reason for the plan’s ongoing popularity is that it’s offered in packages that address specific dietary needs. For example, you can quickly and easily select a package that contains the appropriate amount of calories for your gender by choosing a two- or four-week package for men or women. These gender-specific packages contain doctor-recommended amounts of calories, protein, vitamins and minerals to ensure safe and healthy weight loss.

    A wide assortment of specialty packages is available. If you have diabetes, for example, you can purchase a package that’s specifically designed for diabetic people. If you have celiac disease or have other problems with gluten, you’ll be happy to know that gluten-free packages are also available. This diet plan is therefore suitable for just about anyone. You just need to select the appropriate package, and you’ll be on your way in no time. The Quick Start Guide does caution that you should seek medical advice before beginning the plan, just to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

    If none of the packages work right for you, don’t worry: You also have the option of designing your own menu. This can be accomplished quickly and easily through the website. You are allotted five boxes per week. For a two-week menu, you will need 10 boxes; for a four-week menu, you will need 20 boxes. As you make your way through the process, you will be able to narrow down your choices by answering a few basic questions. Choose whether the meals are intended for a man or a woman. Next, select your dietary preferences. Finally, indicate whether you only want to see “on-the-go meals” or not. You’ll be given a list of results and will be able to select the meals that appeal to you.

    Quality Guarantee

    One thing that we really like about the Medifast plan is that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you begin the plan and aren’t satisfied, you can return any unopened boxes for a full refund. With that in mind, you should feel a lot more optimistic about giving this plan a try. While it’s not for everyone, an incredible number of people have experienced exceptional success on the plan.

    Medifast Coupons | May 2013

    You can save money on your prepackaged meals by tracking down Medifast coupon codes online. A surprising number of them are available, and new codes and coupons are being released all the time. In some cases, you can get free shipping on future orders. When you check out online, simply enter the appropriate coupon code. There are also Medifast coupons out there for significant discounts on prepackaged meals. For example, you can save more than $60 when you spend $250 or more. As long as you order a four-week package, you can save a considerable amount of money.

    Medifast Coupons

    Medifast Coupons 2

    Top Reasons to Use the Medifast Diet Plan

    You’ve already been introduced to many great reasons to use this unique diet plan, but there are a few additional points that deserve to be mentioned:

    • You can receive all the support you need by signing up for MyMedifast, which is a free online support community. Members can enjoy chat rooms, blogs, discussion boards and many other useful resources. The site also includes in-depth articles about making the most of the plan. Exercise programs and recipes are also highlighted on the site. You can also maintain an online journal to track your progress or print out meal plans.
    • Upon successfully completing the diet plan, you aren’t left to your own devices. There is a very specific Transition into Maintenance plan that can be used to maintain your weight loss and to keep your weight at a healthy level. This is significantly different than other popular plans which often leave you on your own upon completion.
    • People who stick with the plan typically lose two to five pounds per week. The most significant weight loss occurs in the early days of the plan, but additional weight loss generally continues. If a plateau is reached, you can always switch to leaner proteins or vegetables that are exceptionally low in carbs. The point is that this plan is extremely flexible and actually works as long as you stick with it.

    Potential Drawbacks

    No Medifast review would be complete without mentioning at least a few of the potential drawbacks of the plan. Fortunately, those drawbacks are negligible and shouldn’t dissuade you from giving the plan a try. A few possible issues include:

  • Not everyone enjoys subsisting almost entirely off of prepackaged meals. However, they are only intended for the short term. After an ideal amount of weight has been lost, there is a four-to-16-week Transition to Maintenance period during which you gradually reintroduce normal meals.
  • Mild to moderate exercise is required. Of course, that’s the case with any successful diet plan.
  • Daily calorie limits fall between 800 and 1,000 calories. Some doctors advise against diets that restrict a person to less than 1,200 calories per day.
  • The plan involves cutting carbohydrates from the diet and restricts you to approximately 80 to 85 grams of carbs per day. Some people do not do well on low-carb diets.

  • Testimonials

    There are many great success stories out there about the Medifast food plan. It comes as no surprise that the plan is recommended by so many doctors. A handful of testimonials are included below for your convenience.

    “Through the years, I’ve tried just about every fad diet and diet plan that’s come along. After spending so many years counting calories, carbs and points, I’d had enough. The pounds kept piling on, and I was losing hope of ever achieving a healthy weight. I asked my doctor for advice, and he suggested the Medi fast weight loss plan. I read through a few online testimonials that included a couple coupons, and gave it a try. It’s been six months now, and I am already approaching my ideal weight. The plan has been a huge success for me.” – Laura W.

    “In addition to losing a lot of weight, the best thing about this plan is the convenience. I like not having to think about it. A four-week supply of prepackaged meals is delivered right to my door, and I just have to prepare one Lean & Green meal per day. I throw in a little moderate exercise, and that’s all there is to it.” – David D.

    “For me, this plan has been about more than just losing weight. It’s taught me how to live a healthier and happier life. I’ve gained so much through the MyMedifast online community, and I’ve successfully transitioned away from the prepackaged meals. For the first time in my life, I’m confident about keeping the weight off for good.” – Lindsay W.

    Medifast: A Flexible, Convenient Diet Plan

    Although there are a few minor drawbacks to the plan, it’s safe to say that this is a worthwhile option for just about anyone. Whether you’re a man or a woman, or if you have diabetes, celiac disease or other dietary restrictions, you should be able to put this plan to work for you without any trouble. By relying on the Quick Start Guide and the valuable resources that are available through the MyMedifast online community, achieving success through the Medi fast plan is more than possible. The best part of all is that this plan is extremely affordable, especially when you take advantage of the many Medifast coupons that are available online. If you’re ready to lose weight, place your order today.

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    Medifast Diet
    Reviewed by Julian Hooks on January 1st 2013.
    An effective weight loss meal replacement program.
    Weight loss meal plans that are delivered to your doorstep. Savor diet meals that help you lose weight and live healthy.
    Rating: 5.0

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