Diet-To-Go Review : Hassle-Free Food Delivery

Diet-To-Go Review : Hassle-Free Food Delivery


Diet To Go Review



Diet Delivery Service provides Nutritionally Balanced, Freshly Prepared, Real Food for Weight Loss & a Healthier Lifestyle. Diet-to-Go offers home food delivery to anywhere FedEx delivers within the continental United States.

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No matter where you stay in United States, Diet-to-Go is the company to turn to for prompt delivery. They offer vegetarian, low carbohydrates, low sodium or low fat meals. These meals are planed to provide around 1100 to 1200 calories for ladies and 1400 to 1600 calories for. Shipping takes place on a weekly basis and the meals come delivered in coolers with dry ice placed within to maintain freshness. The meals have to be microwaved. Prices are affordable; a five day plan with breakfast and dinner will cost around ninety bucks while those that includes lunch will cost an extra $20.

Low Carb No Hassle!

Eating Right On The Go

A jam-packed schedule can wreak havoc on your waistline. When you don’t have time to prepare a healthy meal, the drive-through or a run to the convenience store sometimes appear to be the easiest options. However, health doesn’t have to take a back seat. With Diet-to-Go, healthy, delicious, nutritious, meals, prepared in a chef-run kitchen, can be delivered to your doorstep or picked up at one of 200 local Diet-to-Go locations. This in-depth Diet-to-Go review will examine the many facets of the innovative home diet delivery program.

Diet Plans

Diet-to-Go offers several diet plans, with different calorie levels to choose from. One great aspect of the diet delivery system, is that substitutions are available to tailor the plan to your taste. Each five-week, low calorie diet plan, features freshly prepared foods with no additives. Every meal not only meets ingredient and caloric requirements, but adheres to the standards of the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, and American Dietetic Association. Unlike other diet plans, there is no need to run to the supermarket to fill in the gaps. The Diet-to-Go food delivery system includes the extras such as rolls, fruit, condiments, and side dishes. Try the low-fat traditional, low-fat vegetarian, or low-carb menu.

  • The traditional low-fat menu is available in 1,200 or 1,600 calories. The plan is low in calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium and features a proper balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. The diet delivery food ranges from lobster and veggie ravioli to blueberry pancakes. By using fresh, local ingredients, Diet-to-Go can ensure that the diet food delivered to you is not only nutritionally sound, but delicious as well.
  • The unique program also offers a low-fat vegetarian plan. Choose from 1,200 or 1,600 calories. The tasty meal options are tailored to a ovo-lacto vegetarian diet, meaning they contain some dairy and egg products. Having the diet home delivered ensures that vegetarians are getting the essential nutrients and protein that are needed for optimal health.
  • The low-carb plan averages 1,200 calories and 30 net grams of carbohydrates per day. Similar to the Atkin’s Diet, it features mostly meat, seafood, cheese, and eggs. Since Diet-to-Go has done the leg work to create a low-carb meal plan, you no longer have to worry about the complex set of rules involved in Atkin’s style diets. Instead, sit back and enjoy your meals while losing weight.
  • Diabetics can also utilize the 1,200 calorie traditional low-fat meal plan to keep their blood glucose levels in check. The menu meets the nutrition criteria set by the American Diabetes Association Guidelines. There is no need to eat the same foods day in and day out. Having diet food delivered allows diabetics to add variety to their diet, while also providing an easy way to keep track of calories and carbohydrate intake.

Hassle-Free Food Delivery

Say goodbye to long lines at the supermarket, time consuming food preparation, and greasy fast food fare. The convenience of the home diet delivery program is unparalleled. Diet-to-Go offers home food delivery to anywhere FedEx delivers within the continental United States. Each week, your meals will be prepared by chefs in the USDA-monitored kitchen, quick frozen, put on dry ice, and delivered to your doorstep. The food delivery even includes snacks, fruit, side dishes, and condiments. Meal planning can be done through the company’s Web site or by phone with a knowledgeable customer service representative.

There are over 200 pick-up locations in the metro areas of Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. Customers are able to pick up fresh, never frozen, meals. Most fresh meals have a four-day shelf life and do not need to be frozen unless necessary.

Flexible and Tailored to your Needs

Adhering to rigid rules isn’t necessary to reap the benefits of a low-calorie, nutritious diet. Convenience and flexibility are key to sticking to a healthy diet with a busy lifestyle or limited budget. Diet-to-Go can tailor your menu to suit your personal needs. The number of meals and frequency of orders is flexible allowing you to reduce the cost. When you calculate the costs associated with grocery shopping and dining out, you may find that you will actually spend less with the home diet delivery plan. The meals average approximately $6 a piece.

You can also control the number of meals, delivery options, and order frequency allowing you to fit the plan into your lifestyle. Have a business lunch one afternoon? Switch up the number of meals you order for that particular week. Going on vacation? Feel free to hold off on your order until you return. Customers can stop and start the program whenever they would like with no charge.

There is no need to force down a meal that you don’t enjoy for the sake of health. Browse the substitution menu and replace meals with something that suits your tastes. Those with allergies or food aversions just need to specify when ordering, and a menu will be customized to fit their needs.

Whether you want to lose 50 pounds or just maintain your weight, the menus work for everyone. A healthy diet is essential to your well being and quality of life. By following this low calorie diet plan, you will get the nutrients and energy you need to live your best life possible. Simply choose the calorie level that meets your needs. Say goodbye to counting calories, making grocery lists, and following recipes. Enjoy eating right on your schedule.

Diet Delivery Plan Comparison Chart
Diet Plan Comparison

When compared with similar diet and food delivery programs, Diet-to-Go stands out from the competition. The program is competitively priced and also offers perks that can’t be found anywhere else. The food delivery plan features a variety of meal plans, customizable to account for food allergies and dislikes, no sign-up fees, weekly availability with no commitment, and fresh food that is never freeze dried. It is the only program of its kind that boasts fresh, non-frozen, food with local pick-up options, fresh food that is prepared in-house, and includes full meals complete with everything from fruits to condiments.

The Importance of Good Nutrition

A healthy diet is essential in achieving optimal health. The body uses nutrients from food to sustain life. By making smart food choices, we have more energy and can ward off certain health problems. Eating healthy requires commitment and isn’t always the fastest option to satisfy our hunger. However, with fresh food delivered to your door, the guesswork is eliminated. Using a ratio of 50-percent carbohydrates, 25-percent protein, and 25-fat, while also limiting sodium and cholesterol, the diet plan enables your body to function at its peak level. Rich in fruits and vegetables, vitamins, and minerals, the meals are perfectly nutritious.

Being overweight increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments. There is no need for crash dieting or extreme measures. Eating a calorie restricted diet based on good nutrition and portion control can help you lose the weight and keep it off over the long term. Add in some physical activity, and you have the recipe for a good health.

Diet-to-Go has helped people across the country lose weight, eat well, save time, and create a healthy lifestyle. You can keep up your health goals with the Healthy Lifestyle Guide, Diet & Nutrition Blog, latest news on products and tastings, and exceptional customer service available at Take a positive step with one of the low calorie diet plans.

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Diet To Go
Reviewed by Julian Hooks on January 1st 2013.
Diet to Go Food Delivery Service!
Diet-to-Go offers home food delivery to anywhere FedEx delivers within the continental United States.
Rating: 3.5

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